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Clinic EA Smile

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This project aimed at the rehabilitation of the dental clinic EA SMILE, located in Carregal do Sal, Viseu, Portugal.

The proposal aims to give a new image to the space, creating a more modern, welcoming, sophisticated, functional, with touches of refinement that distinguishes it from all other clinics in the area.

A new space layout has been proposed, creating distinct and related zones (areas for users and employees), semi-private areas (for users, employees, dentists and suppliers) and private areas (only for dentists ). In addition to the physical partitions that are assumed as visual barriers, the level of privacy is controlled through elements such as the lacquered wooden slats in a tone that appears throughout the clinic: TAUPE. These slats help the space to be wide and that there is a controlled visual barrier.

The main rooms of the clinic are a wide space, with an "openspace" concept, although the zones are well defined. At the level of interior design the proposal aims to have sobriety and elegance, together with a contemporaneousness intrinsic to all the choices, from the wallpaper to the textiles. The objective is to make a space that sometimes shows a little uncomfortable (at the level psychological, for being a dental clinic), in a space of relaxation and comfort.

The tones most used in the proposal were the taupe, beige, gray, white and blue water. These are coupled with materials such as brushed stainless steel, polished stainless steel, walnut, silestone and ceramic.


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