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Interior Design

Design of Interior and Outdoor Spaces

We develop interior and exterior design projects in private homes, commercial spaces and hotels. The projects are based on the client and the space to intervene.

We started by studying the layout and organization of the space, elaborating a proposal of intervention in the choice of materials, color palette, furniture, upholstery, textiles, carpets, lighting and decoration.

In addition to working with some brands in different sectors, we do the custom design and production of furniture, upholstery, textiles and carpets adapted to each space and need.

Our designs are characterized by simplicity, functionality, comfort, attention to detail, the singular and the timeless. With us, the customer gets a personalized service tailored to your needs and budget.

All the projects have our stamp, however, we are comfortable with several styles according to the guidelines of each client. Customers who wish to reuse or change existing parts can do so with Areabranca.

2D, 3D and VR Projects

Interior and exterior design projects can be presented in many ways. At Areabranca we choose the type of presentation according to the client’s needs / space.

Most of the projects come to the client through a presentation with 3D images, brief description and moodboard (compilation of samples and other materials used in the project), in a meeting in our office to have direct contact with the proposed fabrics and materials. For more specific situations we offer the client a virtual visit to the space with our proposal.

One of the advantages of these projects is that everything is thought out in detail, avoiding impulse purchases, because there is a plan to follow.

Turnkey Project

The turnkey design is recommended for anyone who wants a complete interior design service.

It can be a real estate project, a division or the whole house, accompanied in its entirety by the Areabranca team, with careful and trustworthy professionals, from the design of interior design to the assembly and execution in your home / commercial space.

Interior Consulting

Interior consulting is a service designed to assist customers in the selection of parts and the organization of their space, being a shorter and more flexible process than an interior design project.

In consultancy can not be presented solutions / proposals through concept boards (images of various elements of the decoration defining a style of space) without requiring a 3D project, and the client can find elements similar to those advised.

In the evaluation of space and consulting, the Areabranca team evaluates the space, making changes with the existing pieces or proposing a new decoration adapted to the space.

Wedding Lists

Areabranca has a service for the bride and groom. The couple can develop an interior design project with Areabranca, customized and adapted to their taste and needs. The result of this project (total or partial) may be the wedding list of the newlyweds.

Each guest can contribute to or purchase specific pieces from this list that will have access through a username and a password, without needing to go to the office. However, if you prefer, a meeting can be scheduled to consult the project and check with the architects for which products to purchase.

Guests will have access to a Areabranca card where they can leave their special vows to the newlyweds.

Home Staging

Although it is a well-known concept in other countries, Home Staging tends to be more and more a tool to facilitate the lease or sale of a property, as well as to value it. It consists of preparing or redecorating a property in order to make it more attractive to as many potential buyers or tenants as possible.

The idea is to get good results by exploring the maximum potential of the house with the least investment.

With the know how and the experience of our professionals, using decorative notes, reorganization of furniture / space and color change, we transform the space that you want to sell or rent, in a more appealing space, taking into account the limit of your budget.

This service has proven that it is a great asset to do business, substantially increasing the success rate of sales and rental of spaces.
Home Staging can be applied to housing for tourism, sale, lease and model-stages.

Execution and Assembly

If the client wishes, after the elaboration of the project of Interior Design or others, we have at your disposal the service of execution and assembly.

This service includes the execution and assembly of furniture, textiles, carpets, lighting and decoration.

Areabranca has a team of great professionals who execute and make true what is shown to customers in 3D projects or consulting.

The project is executed and set up at the customer’s pace or at the pace that the budget allows.

Some of our Interior Design projects

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