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Although we are based in Santa Maria da Feira (Aveiro, Portugal), we provide services throughout the territory of mainland Portugal and islands, remotely via online or in person, depending on the needs of the client and the project.

Yes. Remotely via online or face-to-face depending on client and project needs.

We use various tools to view our projects, including virtual reality, to provide the best service to our customers.

  • Architects are the only professionals qualified to do Architecture projects;
  • The sooner the architect is involved in the project, the more opportunity he has to understand his needs or problems, to propose good solutions and choose the best options to design effectively;
  • The architect will optimize the available spaces as best as possible. Some spaces are difficult to explore when they have strange formats. Nobody better than a professional familiar with distinct spaces, enabled to design and propose intelligent solutions for challenging environments;
  • It is important to have a project where everything is thought, before going to the construction. If you build without a project, you are most likely to have to correct things that may not be to your liking. In this case you will have unnecessary expenses that could be avoided with the help of the architect.
  • Professional help from an Architect helps you save money and maximize your investment. If a building is well designed, this will be reflected in the long term in the reduction of accounts (water, electricity, gas and others) and may have substantially lower maintenance costs;
  • They are professionals able to coordinate teams of various specialties (engineers, designers, and other professionals), avoiding possible errors and delays in the services;
  • The architect is prepared to listen and to observe the preferences of the client, in order to create an interesting result, without having to impose his personal tastes. The architect will also be able to show you other solutions that are more suitable for your goals.
  • Choosing materials can be an extremely difficult and confusing task. There are many materials options on the market. The architect saves you time. It will show you the most appropriate solutions, combining style with functionality, and building pleasant and functional environments;
  • It will be a professional dedicated to managing and coordinating the project process, so that you do not have to worry so much about all issues related to the project or project;

The cost of an architectural project can vary according to the complexity and size of the work, the program itself (spaces that constitute the work and its respective functions), the existence of constructions for remodeling, the type of project, the working method architect and architectural office, the services you want and the extras that can be included in the project (for example, 3D visualization and follow-up of the work.

For this reason you should ask for your budget, according to what you want, elucidating the architect on all the necessary issues.

When we are faced with a project in which its approval is mandatory, it is imperative that it is approved by the competent authorities.

Surely you will want all the issues related to your approval to be resolved, so that there will be no problems in the future that bring you discomfort as fines or even the partial or total demolition of the building.

To execute a work, it is essential that you have an Execution Project, because it is through this that all the details of the work will be considered and will be available to the best understanding of the contractor who will do the construction.

The Execution Project develops the project that has been approved by the Chamber, being constituted by a set of written information and designed of easy and unequivocal interpretation on the part of who is going to execute the work.

The cost of a work varies according to its size, the materials used, the type of architecture (more or less complex) with more or less detail, the construction methods, the company or contractor that will carry out the work, among many others factors.

Prior to the preparation of the Implementation Project, a budget estimate may be made.

However, in order to have a more exact notion of the cost of a work, it is necessary to draw up an Execution Project and, later, a Quantities Map. The quantity map will quantify the materials used and will serve as a basis for you to request quotes from several companies based on the same quantities and the same elements. This is the only way you can compare costs since you will compare the response to the same quantity map.


All the projects we develop adapt to the client and the space itself. Therefore, the way the project is developed can vary. However, in general terms, there is a first contact on your part with one of the elements of our team, in person, by phone or via email, website, Facebook, Instagram or Linkedin.

  1. We will send you a first questionnaire so that you can leave us as clear as possible about what is intended as the place to intervene, what you want for the space and if there are previously photos, dimensions and / or plants of the place.
  2. After this information we will proceed to a proposal of fees for the elaboration of the design of interior design. If you agree with the values ​​and conditions presented, and after the award, we will send via email a second questionnaire more directed to the project that you intend to develop, to understand your concerns and goals for your space. Afterwards, we will make a visit to the place to schedule with you and according to your availability. A metrical and photographic survey of the spaces to intervene and their conditioning will be done.
  3. Our office will develop your interior design project, customized for you and adapted to your needs through the design of furniture and upholstery, proposal of lighting, textiles and decorative pieces, consulting on aesthetic and functional issues, coating materials ceilings, walls and flooring (if desired), color palette definition and, if available, integration of existing furniture.
  4. It is suggested that the first presentation be made in our office to have immediate contact with samples of the products we propose in your interior design project and so that, if there is one you do not like, you can easily choose another one in order to accelerate the process of project development. However, we are available to change the presentation location if warranted.
  5. Once your project is finalized and as soon as you agree that we present you the space you want to see materialized, we will send the dossier with the project information prepared in digital format. We will subsequently prepare technical drawings so that we can obtain from our suppliers the best budgets for the realization of your project.

It depends on the type of interior design project and needs you have. Usually includes a 2D plant with layout of the spaces where the spatial organization of furniture and zone definition is presented, accompanied by the 3D design, Virtual Reality or Concept board and sent to you.

In the definition of your 3D design, this project is customized and tailored to you, we pay attention to the design of furniture and upholstery, we propose lighting, textiles and decorative pieces, we advise on aesthetic and functional issues, we propose covering materials for ceilings, walls and pavement, where necessary, we will define the color palette and integrate the existing furniture if it exists and wants to preserve.

The presentation of your project can be done through static images, 360º images and virtual reality.

After the definition of the 3D project will be sent a global presentation with static images as the project dossier elaborated.

If you wish, you can prepare a detailed budget of all the items to be provided in relation to your project.

However there are other pieces that the interior design project can contemplate if necessary. These parts will be broken down into the fee proposal sent to you and to the specifications and needs of your project.

We suggest that the first presentation of your project be done in our office to have immediate contact with samples of the proposed products and materials and, if there is any material that you do not identify or that you do not like, you can easily choose another one. accelerate the project development process.

The presentation of your project can be done through static images, 360º images and virtual reality. In still images you can see the space of several angles selected by us. In the 360º images you can visualize the space as if you were in a point of space and could look around you so that you can see everything that surrounds you. In virtual reality you can virtually navigate the space, emerging in the projected environment, becoming aware of the entire environment.
The choice of presentation can be defined by us or by you, depending on what you want.

  • Presentation page with still images;
  • Presentation page with 360º images;
  • Presentation page with virtual reality.

One of the questions in our questionnaire is precisely the definition of the value to be invested in the implementation of the project. When designing your project we take into account your budget and the way you want to run your project, so that the values are as controlled as possible.

We can do the integration of existing furniture in your project. To do this, it is enough to indicate in the questionnaire the furniture that it intends to include, also adding photographs identified with the name of each one of the pieces and the corresponding measures.

If there is a proposed part for your project that you do not particularly like, we will change the part to suit your tastes and needs.

First of all, we must say that the questionnaire we send is for customer evaluation and to understand the kind of environments they like and feel comfortable with. If you do not like the project we propose to you, based on the information and concerns you indicate, we will analyze and modify the first proposal to meet your expectations. Any significant changes to your project after the second submission will be budgeted and charged separately, according to the change in question.

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