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Architectural projects of root construction, remodeling and extensions

The Architecture project consists of several phases and in all of them the customer is present as a fundamental element of each decision because each client lives the space in a unique way.

We elaborate Architecture projects in all its phases: from the concept, through licensing to the competent entities, to the project execution and monitoring of the work.

The client can be accompanied by the architect, from the time the land is chosen, in which he considers the type of project to be carried out until the final phase of construction.

If you have an idea of intervention for a particular location or construction, and you want to know if your idea is viable, Team Areabranca makes this assessment with the competent entities. We build the bridge between bureaucratic issues / legal constraints and the client.

Rehabilitation or remodeling of houses, offices or commercial spaces

Rehabilitation is one of the themes that motivates the Areabranca team, and it gives us the challenge of confronting different times in the same building. Preserving the building and extending its useful life can be done in different ways, depending on the type of intervention required.

We develop projects for the rehabilitation of buildings, as well as remodeling projects for homes, offices or commercial spaces.

In remodeling, we study what is necessary to intervene, thus elaborating a project that seeks to find solutions to the needs of spaces, be they functional, constructive or aesthetic. The most common jobs are painting interiors, replacing decks, laying false ceilings, or even completely remodeling spaces such as kitchens and sanitary facilities.

Consultancy in the choice of materials

Many clients come to us with the need for advice on the choice of materials for their dwelling. Whether they are materials for the interior or exterior of the house.

This service aims to support the customer in the choice of all finishing materials, even if the construction has already been designed and is in the execution phase.

Furniture Design / Custom made furniture

This service is personalized and elaborated based on the characteristics of each space and the taste and pretension of each client.

We customize the furniture, thinking of all the details: from its exterior / aesthetics, the interior / functional compartmentalization, to the hardware and handles.

Measurements and budgets

In an Architecture project, it is essential to have a Quantities Map to support the selection of professionals to perform the work.

The Quantities Map is a document that allows you to define and know the quantities of materials and work to be performed.

It is imperative either to compare proposals between different contractors or to calculate the final value of the contract.

Some of our Architecture projects

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