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About us

Everything starts with a dream

Who we are

We are an atelier specialised in architecture and interior design, with other valences such as modeling, 3d visualization (hyper-realistic) and decoration.

This atelier was created by the will of two architects that wanted to bring more innovation, design and quality into the market.

The main goal in Areabranca is the full satisfaction of the clients, transforming a house into the home of the customer’s dreams and that we are proud of.

Our history

Areabranca was founded in 2013 by the architects Juliana Cardoso Soares and Tânia Camboa Cabral, with the desire to bring more innovation, design and quality to the market, valuing Portuguese Architecture and Design, believing in its great quality.

In 2014, they opened their first atelier in Rio Meão, Portugal, where they were for about a year. From 2015 until today, Areabranca is based in Santa Maria da Feira, Portugal.

The atelier emerged as a multipurpose office where the customer can find, in the same space, solutions for challenges in different areas of Architecture and Interior Design. The Areabranca Team also offers other skills such as mock-ups, 3D modeling and hyper-realistic architectural visualization.

Besides our private clients we develop projects for companies too, and some of them were the following ones.

Some of our clients

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